Chapter 7

Supporting Your Ideas

1. Speeches need strong supporting materials to bolster the speaker's view point.

A. Quality of your supporting materials.

1)supporting materials are accurate.


3)...from reliable sources.

(1st type of supporting material)

B. Three types of examples

1)brief examples

2)extended examples

3)hypothetical examples (imagine yourself...describes an imaginary situation).

2. Statistics (2nd type of supporting material)

A. Tips in using statistics.

1)Don't just give an example, but back it up by using a good statistics.

2)Use statistics sparingly...numbers can be confusing.

3)Identify the source of your we can tell if it came from a credible source.

4)explain your statistics (Example: how much money is a trillion dollars? if you had 1-billion and spent it at the rate of $1,000 a day, take almost three thousand years, $1 trillion would take you a 3 million years.)

5)round off complicated statistics

6)use visual aids to clarify statistical trends.

3. Testimony (3rd type of supporting material)

A. Types of testimonies...

1)expert testimony (Mr. official) more on experience.

2)peer testimony (not Mr. official) more opinions.

Application Exercises for Chapter 7.

1)turn to page 169 in book at do #1 A-E.